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Clutch Towels is an e-commerce brand that specializes in soft & smooth microfiber towels that are super absorbent, quick drying and mildew and odor resistant.


For Clutch Towels, we conducted a social media and website audit, developed social media content, email marketing, digital ad development and management, social media management, influencer marketing and consulting.


  • Social Media Ad Development and Management: Setup Ad Account and Optimized, Developed the Facebook/Instagram Ad Strategy, Researched Facebook/Instagram Audiences, Developed and Optimized Ads for 11 Campaigns

    • From ~$500/month to ~$3.4k/month in online sales (not including wholesale orders) within 1 month by using social media ads.

    • Increased Instagram followers by 56.8% in two months.

  • Content Creation: Developed Social Media, Email and Influencer Outreach Copy + Graphics

  • Email Marketing: Developed an Automatic Email Drip Campaign, with a Custom Designed Template, to Capture Reviews from Customers Post-Purchase.

    • Subscriber Increase of +29.26%.

    • 65% Open Rate (Industry Avg: 19.77%)

  • Influencer Marketing: Developed a List of Aligning Influencers, Influencer Strategy + Outreach Messaging

  • Consulting: Consulted in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Best Practices + Strategy

Client Review:

“I am a small e-retailer and was looking for guidance in working on my first social media campaign. I interviewed several consultants and companies, and am glad I chose to work with Prototype MKTG/MKTG Hackers. As a smaller operation I did not have a big budget, but I was able to work with them and get big results. My campaign generated strong ROI and drove sales and visits to my site. Working with Phaon was great. He was always responsive, knowledgeable and professional, keeping me on task and on budget. My business is in a much better place now, and I would highly recommend!” – Jan S., Founder of Clutch Towels

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