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Bill Gates said in 1996 that content is king. According to a recent CMS Wire article, it still is. In the world of internet marketing, the quality of your content can make you or break you.

Long-form content, short-form content, blog posts, videos, infographics, presentations and micrographics are all forms of web content that can be shared on social media platforms as well.

The goal of content is to inform and educate your audience about topics related to your products and services. As a business owner offering these goods, your assumed expertise qualifies you as something of an expert in the field.

The more valuable, interesting and helpful your content, the more high-quality traffic your website will attract. These days, people want content that's easy to read and cuts to the chase. Headers, bulleted lists, short sentences and short paragraphs break up the information and make it easy to digest.

Although website content is designed to be informative first and foremost, the end goal is ultimately to convert an interested reader into a satisfied customer.

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